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Regional, Polish and home cuisine
Regional, Polish and home cuisine
We present restaurants referring to local and Polish culinary traditions in one category. You will find there both restaurants serving dishes based on traditional recipes and those where the culinary heritage of the region is only an inspiration.
Poznań, ul. Świętego Michała 62 | Tel: +48 571330556
Modern and sleek, 62 Bar & Restaurant serves dishes inspired by Polish and regional cuisine. The menu features a variety of local products in a unique way. Chef Jarek Kin and his team have been recommended by the MICHELIN GUIDE 2023. [more]
Poznań, ul. Czechosłowacka 133 | Tel: +48 506831265
A Nóż Widelec is excellent quality Polish cuisine in its own right. Chef Michał Kuter, winner of many awards and distinctions, is one of the most important names in Poznań gastronomy. The restaurant has been recommended by the MICHELIN GUIDE 2023. [more]


Poznań, ul. Kościuszki 84 | Tel: +48 61 226 78 65
"Because." serves breakfast and lunch. It is a popular and appreciated place. The menu includes many unconventional, memorable combinations. The restaurant willingly uses regional products and Polish flavors, but does not limit itself to them. This place is full of bustle and positive energy, perfect for meeting friends. [more]
Poznań, ul. Zwierzyniecka 3/1 | Tel: +48 609002964
Concordia Taste is an embassy of ambitious Polish cuisine perfectly combined with Polish wines. The menu based on Polish regional traditions was composed by Adam Adamczak, winner of many awards and distinctions and finalist of the 4th edition of the Top Chef Polska program. Concordia's wine list includes over 200 of the most recognizable Polish lab [more]
Plewiska, ul. Grunwaldzka 512 | Tel: +48 61 861 74 75
Figa offers good cuisine, interesting interiors and competent service. Here you will find elegance and ambitious cuisine. After five years, which defined the position of the restaurant, Bartosz Turowski took over the kitchen reins. He maintained a high level and guest satisfaction, deliciously combining Polish flavors with European classics. [more]
Poznań, Szarych Szeregów 16 | Tel: +48 61 656 58 00
Poznań, Rynek Śródecki 17
| Tel: +48 535045035
Hyćka serves regional cuisine in a traditional form. "Szagówki", duck served with steamed dumplings, herring and duck blood soup are the symbols of Greater Poland cuisine available in the restaurant. Hyćka is an embassy of traditional regional cuisine at its best. [more]
Poznań, Stary Rynek 80/82
| Tel: +48 570999900
Just Friends is a quality showcase of the Old Market Square's gastronomic offer. The menu, due to its cross-sectional nature, seems to have been created mainly with tourists in mind. You will find regional specialties as well as burgers, pasta, bao buns and fish and chips. Where is the common denominator? In quality! [more]
plac Ratajskiego 10d, Poznań | Tel: +48 601 764 764
Kahawa Kawa i Książę is a cafe, coffee roastery and bookstore in one. In addition to coffee, the gastronomic offer includes cakes baked on site, home-made breakfasts and hot snacks. We also happened to come across local accents, such as pyra with cottage cheese ("gzik" in the dialect). [more]
ul. Mickiewicza 18/lokal 2, Poznań
| Tel: +48 730 223 387
Modra Kuchnia serves Polish cuisine in a contemporary, original version. The restaurant is run by a married couple - Szymon cooks and Dorota takes care of the guests. The place is distinguished by its interesting decor and relaxed, family atmosphere. It is worth paying attention to the "kulebiak" and the steamed dumpling with pulled duck meat. [more]
ul. Ratajczaka 31, Poznań
| Tel: +48 666 692 680
Perełka is one of the most intriguing places on the culinary map of Poznań. The interior design and furnishings are unlike anything you've seen before. Very tasty food, as you can easily guess, doesn't fit any mold either. Before your first visit, check out Perełka's social media. [more]
ul. Wrocławska 23, Poznań
| Tel: +48 504 007 200
ul. Kościelna 43/10, Poznań | Tel: +48 507 226 688
Posto restaurant on ul. Kościelna 43 was built on the site of the well-known Zagroda Bamberska. The restaurant is open four days a week, from Thursday to Sunday. It also serves breakfast on Fridays and weekends, available from 10:00. The menu includes simple, elegant and sophisticated European cuisine with local ingredients. [more]
Strzelecka 13, Poznań | Tel: 618516762
Stary Rynek 55, Poznań | Tel: +48 61 851 05 13
Ratuszova serves Polish cuisine - black soup, duck baked with apples and game dishes. Careful presentation of dishes, excellent flavor compositions and elegant service create the atmosphere of a premium restaurant. The standard of the dishes is above average, which makes Ratuszova one of the best restaurants near the Old Market Square. [more]
plac Kolegiacki 2a, Poznań | Tel: +48 61 852 20 31
Republika Róż serves salads, pasta, burgers and several Polish dishes. You will also find cakes and desserts here, as well as a wide selection of coffees, teas and cocktails. On warm days, Republika invites you to a charming garden overlooking the beautiful Plac Kolegiacki. We recommend Polish cuisine, which is Andrzej Gołąbek's specialty. [more]
ul. Bukowska 3/9, Poznań | Tel: +48 600 554 319
Rynek has been operating at Sheraton Poznań since 2019. The idea of ​​a chain hotel restaurant serving Polish and regional dishes was surprising. Its implementation set the bar high for the competition. The largest brands have noticed the potential of hotel restaurants, and Rynek is a perfect example of this idea. [more]
ul. Młyńska 12 | Tel: +48 606 431 689
Młyńska 12 is an ornate middle-class tenement house. It has been beautifully restored and is considered an example of spectacular renovation. Młyńska 12 has become a symbol of elegance. The heart of the complex is The Time restaurant, serving Polish and European cuisine. The restaurant has been recommended by the MICHELIN GUIDE 2023. [more]
ul. Piekary 24, Poznań
| Tel: +48 666 612 005
Last update: 2024-03-28