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Museums in Poznań
Museums in Poznań
Classic and modern, unique and multimedia, monumental and intimate, lively and relaxing. Museums in Poznań invite you! Pssst... With the Poznań Tourist Card you can visit many of them with a special discount.
Poznań, ul. Stary Rynek 41/2 | Tel: +48 690 077 800
The 'rogal świętomarciński' or St Martin's Croissant is rally unique. It can only be tasted in Poznań. It has also lived to see its museum. During a visit, which is a live demonstration, you will learn about its history and sweet taste. [more]
Poznań, ul. Gdańska 2 | Tel: +48 61 647 76 00
Learn about the origins of Poznan and whole Poland! [more]
Poznań, ul. Góra Przemysława 1 | Tel: +48 61 856 80 75
A unique collection of utility items and a beautiful view of the city. [more]
Poznań, al. Marcinkowskiego 9 | Tel: +48 61 85 68 000
It is one of the largest and oldest museums in Poland. It houses rich collections of art from antiquity to Polish avant-garde art. Here you can admire "The Beach in Pourville" - the only painting by the Impressionist Claude Monet in the Polish collection. [more]
Poznań, ul. Święty Marcin 80/82 | Tel: +48 22 539 79 05
A museum journey to the time of the first mass protest of workers against the communist regime in Poland. [more]
Poznań, ul. Św. Marcin 78 | Tel: +48 61 888 45 12
Discover what is hidden: the story of the Polish mathematicians who broke the cipher of the German Enigma machine and the story of the secrecy of information over the centuries. [more]
Poznań, ul. Wodna 27 | Tel: +48 61 852 82 51
From Egyptian mummies to medieval strongholds: a collection of centuries-old artifacts in the Renaissance Górka palace. [more]
Poznań, ul. Ratajczaka 44 | Tel: +48 61 85 40 752
Unusual encounters with three-dimensional photography thanks to a nearly hundred-year-old invention. [more]
Poznań, Stary Rynek 3 | Tel: +48 61 853 19 93
How the people of Greater Poland won their freedom: the story of the victorious uprising in the historic guard building. [more]
Poznań, ul. Armii Poznań 1 | Tel: +48 61 820 45 03
A treat for military enthusiasts: the extensive collection of weapons at the former Winiary Fort. [more]
Poznań, ul. 3 Pułku Lotniczego 4 | Tel: +48 261 575 166
The museum tells the history of Polish armor in a coherent and thoughtful way. Four pavilions greet us with the smell of grease mixed with the smell of history, which proves that we are dealing with real military equipment, not just museum reconstructions [more]
Poznań, ul. Stary Rynek 1 | Tel: +48 61 856 81 93
The pearl of the Renaissance era. [more]
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