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Attractions for kids in Poznań
Attractions for kids in Poznań
Here are some attractions that will make the stay of children with their parents in Poznań more attractive.
Poznań, ul. Wiankowa 2 | Tel: +48 501 355 153
Recreational complex on Lake Malta with attractions all year round. [more]
Poznań, ul. Dąbrowskiego 165 | Tel: +48 61 829 20 13
A garden on Ogrody (Polish for gardens): a vast green oasis in the Ogrody district of Poznań. [more]
Poznań, ul. Wrocławska 12 | Tel: +48 502 454 177
A treat full of sweets: stories about cocoa and its journey to Europe and chocolate-making workshop [more]
Poznań, al. Armii Poznań
This largest park in Poznań is only a 15-minute walk from the Old Market Square and hides many secrets. It is a relic of a 19th century fortress and the largest artillery fort in Europe at the time. [more]
Poznań, ul. Bułgarska 17 | Tel: +48 61 886 30 50
Arena of football emotions: the city stadium and the headquarters of Lech. [more]
Poznań, ul. Bukowska/Roosevelta Hala 3A | Tel: +48 530 903 053
History made of LEGO: models of 10 important places and events from Polish history. [more]
Poznań, ul. Jana Pawła II | Tel: +48 502 859 940
An intimate ice rink located next to Lake Malta. Open in winter season. [more]
Poznań, ul. Termalna 1 | Tel: +48 459 595 590
The largest water recreation and sports complex in Poland using natural geothermal waters. [more]
Poznań, ul. Jana Pawła II
www.mpk.poznan/turystyka/maltanka | Tel: +48 61 839 66 90
Take a trip on along the shores of Lake Malta! On special occasions, trains service the oldest operating steam locomotive in Poland. [more]
Poznań, ul. Krańcowa 81 | Tel: +48 61 870 95 02
Animal Land: the second largest zoo in Poland. [more]
Dostęp od parkingu przy Nowym Zoo lub przystanku autobusowego Tor Regatowy Malta albo ulicy Czekalskie/Access from parking by New Zoo or bus stop Tor Regatowy Malta or from Czekalskie Street
An above-ground walking footbridge at a height of 13 meters above the ground. [more]
Poznań, ul. Gdańska 2 | Tel: +48 61 647 76 00
Learn about the origins of Poznan and whole Poland! [more]
Poznań, ul. Stary Rynek 41/2 | Tel: +48 690 077 800
The 'rogal świętomarciński' or St Martin's Croissant is rally unique. It can only be tasted in Poznań. It has also lived to see its museum. During a visit, which is a live demonstration, you will learn about its history and sweet taste. [more]
Poznań, ul. Matejki 18 | Tel: +48 61 865 89 07
One of the largest palm houses in Europe, located in a historic, over a hundred-year-old pavilion. [more]
Poznań, ul. Drewsa 8 | Tel: +48 660 048 901
A shot of adrenaline: a rope park in the forest by Lake Malta. [more]
Stary Rynek, Poznań
The Old Market is a unique and... just perfect. At least in the geometric sense. On the 141m square you will marvel at the townhouses and meet the famous Poznań goats on the Town Hall tower. [more]
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