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Poznań Top 10
Poznań Top 10
There are some things you can only experience or see in Poznań. You will find the most important of these right here.
Poznań, al. Armii Poznań
This largest park in Poznań is only a 15-minute walk from the Old Market Square and hides many secrets. It is a relic of a 19th century fortress and the largest artillery fort in Europe at the time. [more]
Poznań, ul. Św. Marcin 78 | Tel: +48 61 888 45 12
Discover what is hidden: the story of the Polish mathematicians who broke the cipher of the German Enigma machine and the story of the secrecy of information over the centuries. [more]
Poznań, al. Marcinkowskiego 9 | Tel: +48 61 85 68 000
It is one of the largest and oldest museums in Poland. It houses rich collections of art from antiquity to Polish avant-garde art. Here you can admire "The Beach in Pourville" - the only painting by the Impressionist Claude Monet in the Polish collection. [more]
Poznań, ul. Jana Pawła II
www.mpk.poznan/turystyka/maltanka | Tel: +48 61 839 66 90
Take a trip on along the shores of Lake Malta! On special occasions, trains service the oldest operating steam locomotive in Poland. [more]
Poznań, ul. Gdańska 2 | Tel: +48 61 647 76 00
Learn about the origins of Poznan and whole Poland! [more]
Poznań, ul. Ostrów Tumski 17 | Tel: +48 61 852 96 42
This is the oldest cathedral in Poland, dating back to the 10th century and the beginnings of the Polish State. Here you will find the burial place of the first rulers of Poland - Mieszko I and his son Bolesław Chrobry - as well as the mysterious vaults. [more]
Poznań, ul. Stary Rynek 41/2 | Tel: +48 690 077 800
The 'rogal świętomarciński' or St Martin's Croissant is rally unique. It can only be tasted in Poznań. It has also lived to see its museum. During a visit, which is a live demonstration, you will learn about its history and sweet taste. [more]
Poznań, ul. Półwiejska 42 | Tel: +48 61 859 60 50, 61 667 14 00
The Old Brewery is a place where shopping, art and business meet. Unusual architecture enters into a dialogue with its industrial past. You can find mementos from the 19th century, as well as pieces of modern art. [more]
Stary Rynek, Poznań
The Old Market is a unique and... just perfect. At least in the geometric sense. On the 141m square you will marvel at the townhouses and meet the famous Poznań goats on the Town Hall tower. [more]
Poznań, ul. Święty Marcin 80/82 | Tel: +48 61 646 52 60
A thriving cultural centre in the striking interiors of Europe's youngest monarchical residence. [more]
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